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How To Verify Google Site With Webmaster tool using Blogger

Google Site Verification:

  • First of all u need to create a google account and then sign in with blogger.In my last tutorial i have shown how to create a Blogger and complete tutorial here just click this link After creating  account just do the following.                                        
  • Then go to webmaster tool and submit a site.                               
  • After that select the verification method to verify the site and select Alternate method                                                                 
  • Select  HTML tag (you will find out the link) and copy these link and past it to your blogger                                                      
  • Go To Blogger -> template -> edit html - >below the header copy the meta tag and go to webmaster tool and select verify.    
  • You have sucessfully verify the site with webmaster tool
here the video tutorial has been shown how to verify a website with webmasters.